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If you’re not familiar with Dragon City, we’ve included a brief introduction below on what the game is all about and why it’s such a huge hit with gamers.

There are a few main elements in the game that users must be aware of:

Every dragon has an element. There are 8 total elements currently available in the game. They include Flame, Sea, Electric, Nature, Dark, Metal, Terra, and Ice. A cool tip is once you play enough to acquire rare types such as Soccer Dragon or Cool Fire, you have the option of breeding them to make a new type called Legendary. Past that point there is an even harder to obtain element called Pure Dragon.

Players are able to earn gold by putting dragons in their habitat. Each dragon will earn you a certain amount of coin. We’ve included a list below for you to see exactly how much gold you’ll earn in which habitat. To earn more gold, you must level up the baby dragons by providing them with something to eat – FOOD!

To provide food, you must build farms. Like other objects, farms can be upgraded to provide more food for your dragons to eat.

Included is a chart to show you the upgrades possible:


If you study and follow the chart above, you will be able to fully optimize your layout to fully maximize your potential gold earning. A quick side note: Unless you’re a very active Dragon City player, I would not recommend having too many Terra habitats. One terra habitat will be sufficient.

Experience: A trick/cheat to getting easy experience is constantly buying and selling farms. As long as you have enough gold to buy farms, you can repeat the process for easy experience. I’ve demonstrated this below:

Buy Food Farm > 100 experience points and 100 gold > Sell Food Farm > 50 gold = You spent 50 gold to buy 100 experience points.

This hack works for both the Big Food Farms and Huge Food Farms as well.

Each level you obtain gives you one gem and also unlocks different habitats. Certain habitats and gems are unlocked at different milestones and levels.